Admission Office

Studying at the University of Vienna is possible if the applicant completes the admission procedure successfully. Depending on the type of degree programme, citizenship, country where the school leaving certificate/previous degree has been issued, the legal requirements differ.

The Admission Office deals with the following tasks:

Opening hours

From 3 July until 20 August the Admission Office is open on:

  • Monday & Tuesday: 09:00 - 12:00
  • Thursday: 14:00 - 17:00

From 21 August until 28 September the Admission Office additionally opens on Wednesdays from 09:00 until 12:00.

Governing Team of the Admission Office

Mag. (FH) Mag. Sigrid Stehr, M.A.

Head of Admission Office

Martina Römer

Head of tuition fee management

Reinhard Hartberger

Head of bachelor admissions

Ivan Muncan

Head of master admissions

  • Reeh, Doris
  • Wimmer, Gabriele

  • Gnad, Elvira
  • Hartberger, Reinhard
  • Klammer, Melanie
  • Mitterbauer, Lisa
  • Neffati, Majda
  • Neubauer, Edith
  • Pichler, Bernd
  • Schautzer, Thomas
  • Steger, Helgard
  • Steinbrecher, Kerstin
  • Wagner, Florian
  • Weissensteiner, Elisabeth
  • Zangerl, Magdalena

  • Ammann, Daniela
  • Jung, Philipp
  • Loibl, David
  • Lucic, Alen
  • Muncan, Ivan
  • Steffek, Andrea
  • Wolfsberger, Natalie
  • Zeh, Katharina
  • Zeilinger, Dominik

Team Doctoral/PhD Admissions

  • Hrdlicka, Chulud
  • Majnaric, Andrea


  • Tröger, Ursula
  • van Dyck, Manuela

Team Reimbursement, Remission

  • Lay, Ingrid
  • Wendl, Marianne

Confirmation of Study Periods

Team Entrance Examination

  • Bauer, Elisabeth
  • Scheller, Felicitas
  • Wirth, Ulrike