Admission to a bachelor/diploma programme without sufficient proficiency in German


Your secondary school leaving certificate and your citizenship are from an EU/EEA country? You want to study a bachelor or diploma programme without an entrance examination but you don't have German proficiency (B2) yet?

Apply for admission online via u:space and complete the admission procedure personally in the Admission Office within the deadlines.

 Required documents

You need the following documents as separate JPEG or PNG files:

  • Your passport or personal ID card
  • Passport photograph for your student ID card

Additionally, you need the following documents as separate PDF files:

  • Your original secondary school leaving certificate (all pages!) and a translation by a court sworn translator if it was not issued in German or English (diploma and translation in one PDF)
  • Proof of supplementary exams if necessary (like Latin or Greek)


Winter semester 2017/18:

  • application period: 3 July to 5 September 2017
  • admission period: 3 Juli to 30 November 2017

Summer semester 2018:

  • application period: 2 January to 5 February 2018
  • admission period: 8 January to 5 February 2018

Please note the course registration deadlines of the University Preparation Programme of the Vienna Universities (VWU)!

 Semester start

  • winter semester: 1 October
  • summer semester: 1 March

Schedule of the academic year

Your steps in the admission procedure

Step 1: Preparation of required documents

Scan all required documents (in high resolution) and create separate PDF files. Your secondary school leaving certificate and its translation have to be merged into one single PDF file by means of an online tool of your choice. All your files have to be easily readable. Please check the quality of your files before uploading them!

Step 2: Application for admission via u:space

Register in u:space during the general admission period and activate your u:account. You will need this account during your studies at the University of Vienna.

Log in to u:space, choose the degree programme of your choice and upload the required documents as separate PDF files. As you do not have the required proof of German proficiency yet, you can leave this field blank. Then click on "submit application."

As soon as the status of your application in u:space is "submitted" you can continue with step 3.

Step 3: Registration at the University Preparation Programme of the Vienna Universities (VWU)

During the admission period you have to present the required documents, your passport and your passport photograph at the Admission Office (opening hours). The documents can be presentend either in their original version or as notarised copies.

In the Admission Office you will receive a written confirmation that you may participate in the VWU. Choose a cooperation partner of VWU and register for a German course within the specific course registration period (cooperation partners, costs, deadlines).


Step 4: Personal admission

Now you have to go to the Admission Office again and present the required documents in their orignal version or as notarised copies and the confirmation that you have registered for a German course at the VWU.

You have to do this personally, as your identity has to be verified. Representation by third parties is not possible!

You will be admitted as a non-degree student as soon as your students' union fee is registered as paid. This means that you cannot start with your degree programme yet, you can only participate in courses and exams at the VWU.


What comes next?

As soon as your fee is registered as paid in u:space (Financial matters > Tuition fee/students' union fee), you can print your student documents (i.e. student record sheet and confirmation of enrolment) by clicking on Personal Matters > My Documents.



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