Admission to a doctoral/PhD degree programme with and external degree

You have completed your diploma or master degree programme and want to further your academic career? Here you find information regarding the admission to a doctoral/PhD degree programme.

 Necessary Documents

You need the following documents as separate JPEG or PNG files:

  • a scan of your passport or personal ID
  • a passport photopraph

Additionally, you need the following documents as separate PDF files:

  • your diploma of completion of your bachelor and master degree programme with the legalisation necessary for the country it was issued in
  • your diploma supplements or transcripts
  • Special entrance qualification (if applicable)
  • a translation of all above mentioned documents by a court sworn translator (in case they are not issued in English or German)
  • proof of proficiency in German and/or English or other prerequisites for admission (if indicated in the curriculum)
  • a letter of motivation on the research project and the choice of the institute/department

 Admission Period

The application and admission to a Doctoral/PhD degree programme is possible year-round (exception: Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics).



Steps of the Admission Process


Step 1: Online Application

Register in u:space and activate your u:account. The Admission Office will communicate with you during the admission process exclusively via the e-mail address you stated during the registration. The application to a degree programme is done via u:space > Administration > Admission to degree programmes. Make sure that all your documents are complete as otherwise the processing time will be prolonged.

Step 2: Letter of Admission

Your documents will be processed by the Admission Office. This processing will take at least 12 weeks. Afterwards you will receive a notification via the e-mail adress saved in u:space.

Unfortunately it is not possible to provide information about the status of your application due to organisational reasons.

Step 3: Personal Admission


The admission can either be

  • without additional stipulations
  • with stipulations of additional exams (up to a maximum of 60 ECTS) from the bachelor or master degree programme which you have to pass during your Doctoral/PhD degree programme or
  • your application is rejected.

You will be notified about possible stipulations in the letter of admission. These stipulations should be done at the beginning of the degree programme if possible.

As the last step in the admission process you have to come personally with a hard copy of your admission letter and all the above mentioned original documents (or notarially certified copies) to the Admission Office. Bring an debit card with you, if you want to pay the tuition fee/student's union fee directly in the Admission Office.

Please note the separate application periods for the University Preparation Programmes, which you have to attend if a supplementary exam in German was precribed in your admission letter.

The admission is completed when the tuition fee/student's union fee is registered as paid in u:space. You can pay this fee if you bring a debit card (Maestrocard) with you when finishing your personal admission.

Further options for payment are:

  • via eps-online-banking (u:space > Financial matters > Tuition fee/Student's union fee)
  • via online-banking (necessary date for that can be found at u:space > Financial matters > Tuition fee/Student's union fee)
  • via payment slip (you can print this at the self service terminals if you log in with your u:account)

After your admission is completed you can download your student documents via u:space > Personal Matters > My Documents (student record sheet/Studienblatt and confirmation of enrolment/Studienbestätigung). The semester sticker for your student ID will be sent to you via mail to the postal address saved in u:space.