Tuition fee for non-EU/EEA citizens from summer semester 2018 onwards


From summer semester 2018 onwards (payment period: 7 January till 30 April 2018) the tuition fee structure for students from non-EU/EEA countries will be changed.

  • Degree students who are already studying at the University of Vienna in winter semester 2017/18 are not concerned by this new regulation. The tuition fee will be reduced like before - in case academic achievements can be proved.
  • For students from non-EU/EEA-countries starting their degree programme at the University of Vienna in summer semester 2018, the new regulation will apply. Former special agreements for certain countries or persons who had their secondary or postsecondary education in Austria are no longer valid and new, standard fees are set for all Austrian universities.


New regulation

The amount you have to pay depends on your citizenship. At the beginning of each payment period you receive an e-mail with the demand note.

In order to continue your degree programme you have to pay the prescribed fee in time at the beginning of every semester.


Students from certain developing countries

Persons who are citizens of one of the following countries are remitted the tuition fee and thus only pay the students’ union fee (currently Euro 19.20) per semester during their whole regular degree programme.


Countrylist Attachment 3

Decree of admission of certain groups of persons and equal status with EU/EEA-citizens

Persons who belong to one of the groups mentioned in the „decree of admission of certain groups of persons” can apply for equal status regarding the tuition fee. Then the same tuition fee regulations apply as for EU/EEA-citizens. Please bear in mind that the application for equal status needs to be done correctly and in time!

Other students

Persons from all other non-EU/EEA countries pay a tuition fee of Euro 745.92 per semester. This fee already includes the students’ union fee.

If you have equal status with EU/EEA-citizens the regulations regarding the tuition fee valid for EU/EEA citizens apply. The equal status has to be applied for if applicable.