Remission of the tuition fee

Degree students with citizenship of a country of the EU/EEA or equated non-EU/EEA citizens can, if they have a reason for remission, apply for remission of the tuition fee during the respective period.

  • solely the listed reasons for remission can be accepted!
  • the students' union fee has to be paid timely even if your application for remission is accepted!

Processing of application s can take up to several weeks, apply as soon as possible. You will be notified about the outcome of your application and possible further steps via e-mail to your u:account e-mail address (

Your current fee can be found in u:space > Financial Matters > Tuition/Students' Union Fee.


Reason for a remission

  • Pregnancy/illness: at least two months during the semester
    • Proof: Signature of a medical specialist on the form
  • Care for children: Care for children, living in the same household as you
    • Proof: Meldezettel of child and yourself, birth certificate
  • Employment: during the previous calender year with an income of at least 5.959,80 Euro . For an application
    • Proof: income tax assessment/data from the tax act of the responsible fiscal authorities
    This is only possible for summer semester 2018. From winter semester 2018 onwards there will be no longer a legal basis for this reason of remission.
  • Military or civil service: of at least two months in the respective semester
    • Proof: confirmation of the militiary or civil agency
  • Receiving of Studienbeihilfe: during the current or last semester
    • Proof: official notification of the Studienbeihilfenbehörde
  • Students with disability: degree of disability of at least 50%
    • Proof: disability passport of the Bundessozialamt
  • Study/internship during a mobility programme in Austria or abroad.
    • Proof: confirmation of participation by the mobility programme
  • Stay abroad: due to mandatory participation by the curriculum
    • Proof: Confirmation by the degree programme directorate
  • Holders of a Opferausweis
    • Proof: Opferausweis or confirmation by the administrative office
  • Scholarship holder of the University of Vienna
    • Proof: confirmation of adjudication



 Required Documents

Documents that were not issued in German or English have to be translated to German by a court sworn translator.


  • for the winter semester: 3 July until 30 November 2017
  • for the summer semester: 8 January until 30 April 2018

It is strongly advised to apply for remission at least a month before the end of the deadline!


Download all required documents. Send them and required documents of proof by e-mail to Postal address or fax number can be found in the application form.

Apply with required documents by postal service, fax or e-mail.

Staff of the University of Vienna

If you study at the University of Vienna while being staff at the same time (regardless of citizenship), you have to pay the tuition fee at first. Your tuition fee will be automatically returned to you with the salary after the semeser ended (February/March or July/August).


  • Employment at the University of Vienna for at least 90 days during the respective semester.
  • Your social security number is registered in u:space.
  • You don't study at another Austrian University.

Staff with citizenship of an EU/EEA country as well as equated non-EU/EEA citizens, who have earned at least 5.959,80 Euro in the calender year 2017 by an employment at the University of Vienna will automatically receive a remission of the tuition fee and only have to pay the students' union fee.


Students working at the ÖH

If you perform a function in the Austrian students' union, you can apply for remission of the tuition fee. Use this respective form.