General Data Protection Regulation


Today, the GDPR has entered into force. Therefore, we are not allowed to answer questions related to personal data on the phone.

We want to protect your data. For reasons of data protection, we are not allowed to provide you with information on personal data on the phone. 

This includes, among other things, requests regarding the amount of your prescribed fee and your status of admission, as well as requests involving a third party. Please note that for administrative reasons it is not possible to inform you about the status of your application.

You can find detailed information on various topics (amount of the prescribed fee, payment data, information on the admission, etc.) directly in u:space.

We can only reply to e-mails related to personal data if you as a student send us an e-mail either from your u:account e-mail-address (, use our contact form to which you attach your ID card or send us an e-mail from another e-mail address together with your ID card.

In the Data Protection Declaration of the University of Vienna you can see which kinds of personal data the University of Vienna is allowed to save.