Study programme codes change from "A" to "UA"


From Wednesday, 12 June 2019, onwards, study programme codes will begin with an additional "U".

The educational institution ID of the University of Vienna changes from "A" to "UA", as the letter "U" now precedes the ID of every Austrian university. The degree programme codes of the new teacher education programmes become double-digit (they end on "02" instead of "2").

As all these IDs are part of the study programme codes, the extension will be immediately visible on all relevant student documents starting on 12 June 2019.

Degree programme code of bachelor programmes at the University of Vienna ("UA" instead of "A"):
A 033 600 ⇒ UA 033 600

Degree programme code of the teacher education bachelor programme at the University of Vienna, offered by the Teacher Education for General Secondary Education in Vienna and Lower Austria:
A 198 411 425 2 ⇒ UA 198 411 425 02

All documents with a single-digit educational institution ID, which have already been issued, remain valid.

There will be no changes in your u:account (UserID and password) or in your u:account e-mail address (e.g.