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Do you want to know how studying works or are you interested in a degree programme with entrance exam procedure?

The University of Vienna is closed, but you can nevertheless gather information about the university, its admission procedure and the entrance exam procedures.

  • How does studying work? uni:check helps you get to know the university and the study routine virtually.
  • Which degree programmes are offered at the University of Vienna? Our range of studies and detailed information is available online.
  • How do the entrance exam procedures work? Detailed information, the test literature, test examples etc. are provided on the website of the entrance exam procedures.
  • And, most importantly: You do not yet have to hold a secondary-school leaving certificate when completing the Online Self-Assessment and submitting your application for admission to a degree programme with entrance exam procedure.
  • What shall you do to be admitted to a degree programme without entrance exam procedure?Please find detailed information on our website (grey navigation box in the upper-right corner)

Tuition fee? Organisation of studies and semester schedule? Studying with disabilities? Information on every aspect of studying at the University of Vienna is available on our website.

We are happy to answer your questions regarding the admission, the entrance exam procedures, the tuition fee and the topic “accessible studies” via our contact form.

Enjoy yourself while getting informed – your studies are starting now!