Visiting Master


If you intend to spend one semester of your master programme at the University of Vienna, you can apply for admission to become a "visiting master“ student. Apply for admission to the intended master degree programme in u:space within the application period.

Master programmes with entrance examinations cannot be studied as "visiting master".

 Required Documents

You need the following documents

as JPEG or PNG file:

  • your passport or personal ID (front and back)

as PDF files:


Summer semester 2020:

  • Application period: 2 January until 5 February 2020
  • Admission period: 7 January until 30 April 2020

Winter semester 2020/21

  • Application period: 13 July until 5 September 2020
  • Admission period: 13 July until 30 November 2020

 Start of semester

  • Winter semester: 1 October
  • Summer semester: 1 March

Schedule of the academic year



Your letter of recommendation has to confirm that the attendance of specific lectures/courses or the use of certain institutions (e.g. collections, libraries) of the University of Vienna is useful and required for the completion of your master programme (together with a brief justification). Furthermore, it has to confirm that your academic achievements will be recognised for the degree programme at your home university.


Step 1: Preparation of the required documents

Before the start of the application period, prepare all required documents in its appropriate form. Scan your documents. By means of an online tool of your choice, create PDF files and merge the pages of each document so that you will have separate PDF files of various pages (e.g. bachelor certificate + transcripts + legalisation + translation). Make sure that your documents are legible and scanned in high resolution.


Step 2: Application for admission via u:space

Activate your u:account in u:space during the application period. You will need this account during your studies at the University of Vienna.

Log in to u:space, finish the registration, choose the desired degree programme and upload the required documents. Then click on "submit application".

If your documents have been issued by a non-EU/EEA country, please upload your letter of recommendation twice, next to "Visiting Master/Doctorate/PhD" and as a "Special university entrance qualification ("Studienplatznachweis")".

As soon as the status of your application is "submitted", send an e-mail to with the subject "visiting master".


Step 3: Wait for your admission letter

The Admission Office processes your application for completeness. After processing, you will be contacted per e-mail. Due to administrative reasons it is not possible to inform you about the status of your application during processing time.


Step 4: Personal admission

The acceptance letter you receive from the Admission Office is valid for one semester and can be used only, without exception, for the semester you applied for. The admission to the visiting master programme is possible only once.

Bear in mind that

  • you can participate in a course only if sufficient places are available
  • you are admitted to the University of Vienna for only one semester
  • you yourself have to organise and take care of visa, residence permit, cost of stay, accommodation, health insurance etc.
  • you have to pay the tuition fee according to your citizenship

If you want to continue studying at the University of Vienna after this semester, you have to apply for admission again with all the required documents.