Decree of certain groups of persons


Members of the following groups of persons are exempted from the special university entrance qualification ("admission statement") and can apply for equivalence with EU/EEA/CH citizens regarding the tuition fee regulations:

  • Persons, who
    • have had their main place of residence in Austria
    • during five consecutive years
    • immediately prior to their first application for admission to a degree programme at a university, university of applied sciences or higher pedagogical institute in Austria
    or who are legally entitled to maintenance towards a family member (parent, husband/wife, registered partner) meeting these requirements.

    Current confirmation of the main place of residence in Austria during the entire period of time by the registration office (excerpt of the residential register ("Melderegisterauszug") - registration form alone is not sufficient!)

    If your main place of residence during five consecutive years has not been in Austria, the following documents can be accepted as an additional proof for these time gaps:
    • excerpt of insurance details ("Versicherungsdatenauszug") of an Austrian social insurance as a proof of employment or the right to social benefits or
    • transcript of records issued by an Austrian secondary or post-secondary educational institution

    If you are entitled to maintenance towards a person fulfilling these requirements, you will additionally need:
    • marriage certificate or birth certificate (if needed, with a court sworn translation into German or English) or
    • proof of co-insurance with the person obliged to maintenance or
    • other proofs which confirm your entitlement to maintenance

Please note:

If you claim to belong to the above described group of persons when applying for admission to a degree programme, you will have to declare if you have ever successfully applied for admission at a different Austrian university, university of applied sciences or higher pedagogical institute. If so, you will have to upload the admission letter of that university in your application for admission to the degree programme in u:space below "Other documents and proof".

Hiding such information may cause a re-evaluation of your application and lead to the termination of your admission at the University of Vienna!

  • Persons, who have certain privileges and immunities in Austria according to a state treaty or federal law as well as persons, who at the time of taking their school leaving certificate are abroad due to a government position as well as their children, spouses or partners under civil union.

    copy of diplomat card/ID 
  • Foreign journalists accredited in Austria as well as their spouses, partners under civil union or children

    copy of professional journalist ID and - if the applicant is not the journalist him/herself -  marriage certificate or birth certificate (with German or English translation by a court sworn translator if applicable) or certificate proving civil union
  • Persons, who receive a scholarship for their desired degree programme either due to state treaty regulations or from an Austrian authority out of means designated for scholarshios according to that authority's financial regulations.

    confirmation of receiving this scholarship 
  • holders of school leaving certificates issued by Austrian schools abroad
  • Persons, who are granted residence in Austria due to §§ 3, 8, 13 or 75 sect. 5 and 6 of The Austrian Asylum Act 2005, BGBl. I Nr. 100/2005, in its currently valid form or according to former regulations in the Asylum Act.

    asylum card (in German Asylkarte) or confirmation about granted asylum (in German: Asylbescheid)