Degree programmes with entrance exam procedure at the University of Vienna

Registration period for the entrance exam procedures of 2019/20 is over. Prospective students who have registered in time have received an e-mail with information about further steps. Deadlines of the academic year 2020/21 will be announced in spring 2020.

By clicking on a bachelor/diploma programme, you will get information about the entrance exam procedure/aptitude assessment. Please also read all information about the admission procedure and the required German knowledge carefully, especially if you don't know German yet.

Bachelor/diploma programmes with an entrance exam procedure 2019/20

Registration period 1 March until 3 June 2019 (over)

Registration period 1 March until 15 July 2019 (over)

 Registration for the entrance exam procedure for persons at the VWU

You are currently attending a course in the Vienna University Preparation Programme (VWU) and are going to complete this before or at the end of the coming winter semester?

Please note the information about the registration for the entrance exam procedure.

 Frequently asked questions

Here you can find frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the entrance exam procedure.


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