Admission to bachelor/diploma programmes with entrance exam procedure


The registration for the entrance exam procedure/aptitude assessment and the application for the degree programme is done in one step via u:space.

Bear in mind:

  • The admission to a degree programme is only possible after the successful participation in the entrance exam procedure/aptitude assessment and the fulfilment of all requirements for the admission to a bachelor/diploma programme at the University of Vienna.
  • There are separate registration periods for degree programmes with an entrance exam procedure/aptitude assessment. These are independent of the admission periods for other degree programmes.
  • The entrance exam procedure/aptitude assessment is valid for the following academic year (winter and summer semester). If you fail to complete the enrolment in the admission period, you have to register again for the entrance exam procedure/aptitude assessment in the following year if you are still interested in the same degree programme.
  • If you already are a student at the University of Vienna and you also want to enrol for a degree programme with entrance exam procedure/aptitude assessment, you have to pass the steps described below (except the activation of your u:account). Documents which have previously been approved by the Admission Office (status: "approved") do not have to be uploaded again.