German knowledge for bachelor programmes with entrance examination


In order to participate in the written part of the entrance examination B2 level in German is required. In the personal enrolment for the degree programme you then have to prove German proficiency at C1 level (or higher).

There are 3 options: 


Option 1: You already have proof of your proficiency in German 

Upload your certificate of German at C1 level (or higher) in u:space when you apply for the degree programme. In the application you are asked to pay a Euro 50 exam fee. Thus you are registered for the entrance examination.


Option 2: You are currently attending a German course

You do not yet have German proficiency at C1 level but are planning to have it by 05 February 2019 and – once you have the certificate - therefore either start your regular degree programme in winter semester 2018/19 or in summer semester 2019. 

In your application for the degree programme in u:space please enter “a date in the future” when you are planning to have completed C1 level in the part where the “proof of language proficiency is asked for (may not be later than 05 February 2019)

In the application you are asked to pay a Euro 50 exam fee. 

Thus you are registered for the entrance examination.

Example: You are currently attending a German course (privately or in the University Preparation Programme Vienna) and are going to complete it with C1 level during the following winter semester. Then you would be able to start the regular degree programme in summer semester 2019. 

Information about the registration for the entrance examination for persons in the VWU

Option 3: You have no or very little proficiency in German at the moment

Apply in u:space for the degree programme of your choice, with the addition "VWU German language course and...", e.g. "VWU German language course and Psychology" or "VWU German language course and Business Administration". 

You can complete the application for the degree programme without paying the Euro 50 fee for the entrance examination. As soon as you have reached the required level of German you can register for the entrance examination in u:space in the next year after your German course and participate in the exam. 

Which diplomas of German proficiency are accepted?

The following diplomas of German knowledge are accepted:


  • School-leaving certificate from a school where the language of instruction is German and all exams are carried out in German. This applies also for Austrian or German schools abroad
  • Graduation from a study programme of at least 3 years duration at a university or school where the teaching language is German
  • Passing of the supplementary exam German (Ergänzungsprüfung Deutsch) at an University Preparation Programme from an Austrian university

The above mentioned diplomas are valid for an unlimited time.


  • Österreichisches Sprachdiplom – ÖSD Zertifikat C1, bisher: C1 Oberstufe Deutsch
  • Goethe Institut – Goethe Zertifikat C1
  • telc Deutsch „C1 Hochschule“
  • Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang ausländischer StudienwerberInnen DSH2
  • Deutsches Sprachdiplom der Kultusministerkonferenz DSD II
  • Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache (Test DaF), mindestens Niveau TDN 4 in allen Teilen
  • Sprachenzentrum der Universität Wien – Kurs und erfolgreich abgelegte Prüfung auf dem Niveau C1/2

In case of separate exams for certain levels only C1/2 is accepted!

The certificates are valid for 3 years only, otherwise a new exam has to be taken.

Attention participants of VWU!

Once you have been admitted to the University Preparation Programme of the Vienna Universities (VWU) as a non-degree students, only the supplementary examination in German (Ergänzungsprüfung Deutsch, EPD) of the preparation programme is accepted as proof of proficiency in German. It is not possible to quit the Preperation Programme and pass the German exam elsewhere (e.g. ÖSD certificate). In this case, the certificate is not accepted by the University of Vienna and it can lead to the loss of your student visa.

Persons who did not finish the German course in the VWU and do have another proof of German knowledge (e.g. ÖSD certificate) are strongly advised to pass the Ergänzungsprüfung Deutsch.

Detailed information about the new regulations
Information about the registration deadlines, exam dates etc. in the VWU