Bachelor/diploma programmes

Here you find a list of all bachelor and diploma programmes offered at the University of Vienna. For further details please see the German version.

The language of instruction of all these programmes is German. There are NO bachelor/diploma programmes offered in English.

Information about the admission procedure can be found here.

For some degree programmes you need to pass an entrance examination. This is indicated next to the programme.

Bachelor programmes

  • African Studies (Bachelor)
  • Ancient History (Bachelor)
  • Art History (Bachelor)
  • Astronomy (Bachelor)
  • Biology (Bachelor) - entrance examination
  • Business Administration (Bachelor) - entrance examination
  • Business Informatics (Bachelor) - entrance examination
  • Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies (Bachelor)
  • Catholic Theology (Diploma Programme)
  • Chemistry (Bachelor)
  • Classical Archaeology (Bachelor)
  • Classical Philology (Bachelor)
  • Comparative Literature (Bachelor)
  • Computer Science (Bachelor) - entrance examination
  • Dutch Studies (Bachelor)
  • Earth Sciences (Bachelor)
  • Economics (Bachelor) - entrance examination
  • Educational Studies (Bachelor)
  • English and American Studies (Bachelor)
  • European Cultural Anthropology (Bachelor)
  • Fennistics (Bachelor)
  • Geography (Bachelor)
  • German Philology (Bachelor)
  • History (Bachelor)
  • Hungarian Studies (Bachelor)
  • International Business Administration (Bachelor) - entrance examination
  • Islamic Theology (Bachelor)
  • Japanese Studies (Bachelor)
  • Jewish Studies (Bachelor)
  • Journalism and Communication Studies (Bachelor) - entrance examination
  • Korean Studies (Bachelor)
  • Languages and Cultures of South Asia and Tibet (Bachelor)
  • Law (Diploma Programme)
  • Linguistics (Bachelor)
  • Mathematics (Bachelor)
  • Meteorology (Bachelor)
  • Musicology (Bachelor)
  • Nutritional Science (Bachelor) (entrance exam)
  • Oriental Studies (Bachelor)
  • Pharmacy (Bachelor) - entrance examination
  • Philosophy (Bachelor)
  • Physics (Bachelor)
  • Political Science (Bachelor)
  • Prehistoric and Historical Archaeology (Bachelor)
  • Protestant Theology (Bachelor)
  • Psychology (Bachelor) - entrance examination
  • Religious Education (Bachelor)
  • Romance Studies (Bachelor)
  • Scandinavian Studies (Bachelor)
  • Sinology (Bachelor)
  • Slavonic Studies (Bachelor)
  • Social and Cultural Anthropology (Bachelor)
  • Sociology (Bachelor)
  • Sports Sciences (Bachelor) - entrance examination
  • Statistics (Bachelor)
  • Studies in Egypotology (Bachelor)
  • Theatre, Film and Media Studies (Bachelor)
  • Transcultural Communication (Bachelor)

Diploma programmes

  • Catholic Theology (DS)
  • Law (DS)