Introductory and orientation period (STEOP)

Nearly all bachelor programmes, teacher accreditation programmes and diploma programmes have a "introductory and orientation period" (STEOP) in the first semester.

The STEOP should provide the opportunity to get to know the degree programme and to be able to judge, whether or not the the degree programme meets the expectations regarding the contents and if you meet the requirements for the degree programme.

Only if all exams of the STEOP have been passed the other parts of the degree programme can be done. All exam dates are scheduled in order to enable students to continue studying easily in the next semester after completing the STEOP.

The examinations in the introductory and orientation period can be repeated three times. If the fourth attempt is negative, the admission to this programme expires with the date this exam was taken. A re-admission is possible in the third semester following the failed attempt.

Example: 1) The fourth attempt was between 1 March and 30 September 2016: a re-admission is possible for winter semester 2017/18. 2) the attempt was between 1 October and 28 February: the re-admission is possible for summer semester 2018.

All info and examination dates for your STEOP are available in u:find and your StudyServiceCenter (SSC)/StudienServiceStelle (SSS).