Where can I find information on particular degree programmes of the University of Vienna?

Once you have narrowed down the range of degree programmes you are interested in, get detailed Information about these degree programmes, their course of study and contents.

  • Your curriculum (or study plan) is a helpful tool for choosing your degree programme. Each degree programme has its own curriculum which provides you with information on the programme structure, contents and the course of study. On the details page of each degree programme you can find a link to the curriculum.
  • Contact the students' representatives of the respective degree programmes. The students' representatives are themselves students of this degree programme and can, therefore, best inform you about it.
  • Get information about possible deadlines, requirements or entrance exam procedures in time. For example, if you would like to study Psychology or Journalism and Communication Studies, you have to participate in an entrance exam procedure. Also, different admission deadlines apply. If you would like to study Sport Science, physical fitness is very important: There is a supplementary examination which you have to complete before you start with your degree programme. Some degree programmes require (previous) knowledge in Latin or Greek.

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