Graduation - what comes now?


"What shall I do now?" This is probably a question many pupils ask themselves after having graduated from secondary school.

by Franz Kastenhofer

This is also how I felt. I've always had in mind that I would study after graduating from secondary school. But what exactly? I didn't know that back in my schooldays.
I hesitated, because my interests vacillated between several degree programmes. Studying History has always been my dream, but Sociology also fascinated me.

As I finished community service in March, I decided to take more time to reflect on my choice of career. I went to Brasil for four months as a voluntary, because I wanted to live and work there and learn the language.

This period of time was decisive: Not only did I learn a lot about myself and my interests, I also used the time to think about my future and what I wanted to do. After an intense time abroad, I decided to study what my heart beats for. I got rid of all doubts that I had so far. I wanted to follow my inner feelings and this is why Sociology became "my" degree programme.

My advice is: Study what you are interested in, what fascinates you and what your heart beats for. This way you can enjoy your studies. If you just base your decision on promising job opportunities, your choice of degree will annoy you rather than make you happy.

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