What is a "curriculum"?


At the beginning of your studies, one question arises: "What am I supposed to do in my degree programme?" Let us explain it to you.

Each degree programme has a defined structure. This structure is called "curriculum" or "study plan". You will know this from school: Each course has a syllabus, which the teacher has to comply with. The curriculum indicates which courses you have to pass in order to complete your degree programme.

The curriculum is also a great help for choosing the right degree: It provides you with detailed information on the contents of your desired degree programme. The curricula of all degree programmes offered at the University of Vienna are available on our website in the section Degree programmes. Here you can have a closer look on the range of studies and download the curriculum of your desired degree programme. 

We wish you lots of success in your studies!

Eine animierte Darstellung mit einem Beispiel für ein Curriculum.