Studying and Living - Who can help me with ...?

Being a student ist more than attending lectures and preparing for exams - lending books, eating, sleeping and fun is also part of student life! We gathered info about services that can make student life easier here - of course the list is far from complete, but we hope it helps!

Services of the University of Vienna

There are many services at the University of Vienna that provide help during your studies. Some of them are listed here:

  • Admission Office: All administrative matters regarding the admission and continuation of degree programmes at the University of Vienna are solved here.
  • directorate of studies - Studienprogrammleitung (SPL): the director of studdies plans the teaching offered in a particular degree programme, makes decisions in matters concerning study law and study organisation. 
  • StudiesServiceCenter (SSC)/StudienServiceStelle (SSS): The SSC/SSS of each degree programme organises and coordinates the teaching and the exams offered in each degree programme. At the SSC/SSS office you get information about the contents of a degree rpgoramme, help in planning the semester and information for completing a degree programme.
  • Center for Doctoral Studies: all info about Doctoral/PhD Programmes at the University of Vienna
  • Postgraduate Center: The Postgraduate Center of the University of Vienna covers all affairs concerning postgraduate programmes.
  • Vienna University Computer Center: The Computer Center is responsible for all technical matters of the University of Vienna such as free WiFi, computer rooms, your u:account, the u:book sales etc.
  • University Library
  • Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL): The CTL offers mentoring programmes for writing scientific papers and many other interesting lectures/info talks.

Study counselling

Some services cooperate closely with the University of Vienna and help in all matters regarding studying (for example planning the semester) and in matters concerning study law.

Study abroad

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Students have several options to spend one or more semesters at a university abroad. The International Office supports students in the realisation of that goal and manages the mobility programmes.

Accessible Studying

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For students with a physical and/or psychical impairment the team "accessible studying" offers counselling and information about studying and student life.


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One option for cheap meals are the cafeterias. Everyone is allowed to eat there, a permit or special ID is not needed. To get the meals even cheaper you can obtain the so called "Mensenpickerl" (a sticker for the student ID) from the students' union (ÖH). 

Apart from the cafeterias you find numerous restaurants and cafés around the main building where students like to go and meals and snacks are relatively cheap.

Financial Matters

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As long as you are studying at the University of Vienna you have to pay the fees according to your citizenship (in some cases only students' union fee, in some cases more) at the beginning of every semester in time. The tuition fee depends on your citzenship and for EU/EEA citizens also on the duration of your studies.

There are several types of financial support available for students. Ask in your home country also for allowances for studying abroad.

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Students can get a special health insurance for students or a reduction of the radio/TV fees or reduced tickets for theaters, museums and cinema.


The University of Vienna awards scholarships for special achievements in the studies several times a year and also scholarships for students with impairments/special needs. On the website of the Büro Studienpräses and in the bulletin you find the announcements of these scholarships with all requirements.

International students can search the Austrian Database for scholarships and research grants (GRANTS) for suitable scholarshops. And you find interesting offers, particularly for studying/researching abroad on the website of the international office.

Social institutions

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In everyday life students are sometimes faced with difficult situations. There are several institutions that can help in various difficult situations:

  • Psychological Counselling Services
    The Psychological Counselling Service offers support to students and applicants with the help of psychological and psychotherapeutical methods. It is free of charge, and, if desired, anonymous.


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You want to learn a new language or improve your language skills? The language center offers (future) students of all disciplines, university staff and alumni a range of over 30 languages in general language courses as well as sicentific language courses on various levels.


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You like sports? The University Sports Institute (USI) offers a wide range of courses (from Aerobics to Zen Meditation) to active students, alumni and university staff at reasonable prices.

Unisport, which is organised by students, offers sports campy, courses and offers reduced membership cards for fitness centers.

The Austrian Federation of Disability Sport (ÖBSV) provides information about offers for persons with impairments and also about training and guidance in this field. 


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The University of Vienna does not have its own dormitory/on campus accommodation The buildings that belong to the University of Vienna are situated in various places all around town, therefore it cannot be said that any particular site would be best. Accommodation is rather expensive, so student dormitories (which are run by private companies) or flat sharing is a reasonable alternative. We list a few sites to find accommodation, but more can be found via the internet. 

Externes Services

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External Services & Cooperations

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