Registration for courses and examinations

The following page provides instructions on how to register for courses and examinations.

As a general rule:

  • You have to register for all courses and examinations.
  • The registration is done via u:find.
  • You can only register for courses and examinations within the relevant registration period. You can find the registration period at the respective course in u:find.

In order to register for courses and examinations, you will need an active u:account as well as a valid admission to a degree programme at the University of Vienna.




New features for the course and examination registration system

The time has now come: the course and examination registration system will be replaced step by step! The replacement starts with the registration for courses with non-continuous assessment (lectures, etc.) and a new overview of all your registrations in u:space.

The registration for courses with continuous assessment (seminars, exercises, etc.) and examinations works as usual. It will be replaced in the semesters to come.

Important: Please use u:find resp. the record of examinations in u:space for the registration for all courses and examinations! The search function for courses with non-continuous assessment via UNIVISonline will not be possible anymore from winter semester 2018/19 on.

Registering for courses


Step 1: Check your record of examinations
Step 2: Select an achievement from your curriculum
Step 3: Select course in u:find
Step 4: Register for a course

Registering for examinations


Step 1: Search course on u:find
Step 2: Register for the examination

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 How to register for courses with groups