Equivalence to Citizens of the EU/EEA

Students, who have a "residence permit for students" cannot apply for the "equal status with EU/EEA citizens regarding the tuition fee".

The exemption from the tuition fee is granted for the duration of the diploma/bachelor/master or doctoral programme plus two tolerance semester (per degree programme or section of the degree programme) for regular degree programme students who fulfil one of the following criteria:

  • convention refugees, asylum seekers and persons under subsidiary protection OR
  • persons from non-EU/EEA countries with the following residence permits:
    • "permanent residence EU" issued by the respective Austrian authority
    • "permanent residence EU" issued by another EU-member state plus residence permit for Austria
    • "Daueraufenthaltskarte" issued by the respective Austrian authority OR
  • students, who the "decree on certain groups of persons" applies to.

The residence permit needs to be valid at least until the end of the extended admission period (30 November for winter semester, 30 April for summer semester), then the equal status is granted for the whole semester. 

If equal stutus has been grnated, the same regulations regarding to the tuition fee as for EU/EEA citizens apply to you. 

Send the form application for equal status with EU/EEA citizens regarding the tuition fee and the applicable proof by e-mail (the mail address is on the form).

  • for winter semester until 31 October
  • for summer semester until 31 March